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“When Faculty Say ‘X’ …” — Ask questions, hear from faculty. Dinner seminar Monday, 10/17

In Graduate Student Professional Development, PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP on October 3, 2011 at 10:26 AM

Each year, PROMISE and the Graduate School host a dinner seminar that allows graduate students to ask questions of faculty. This year, our  annual
“When Faculty Say ‘X’, They Really Mean ‘Y'” seminar will be held on Monday, October 17, 2011 in the Library, 7th floor.  It is important to note that faculty often say that when they say ‘X’, they really mean ‘X’ and not something else. Are students hearing something different? Are faculty conveying ideas that are lost in translation? Or are there particular phrases and ways of saying things that students are still learning?

This is your chance to ask the faculty any questions about expectations, understanding requirements, how they say “no”, how they show their approval, etc.  You are invited to post questions for faculty here (anonymously) or on MyUMBC.  Please RSVP via MyUMBC:
This seminar was moved to a Monday at the suggestion of the Graduate Student Association. It is timed at 5:00 PM to accommodate our part-time students.


See sets of questions from 2010:


See questions from 2009:

  1. When your advisor says “You should start thinking about how you want to organize your paper” does this actually mean I should start writing or come up with an outline?

  2. If class repeatedly goes over by 30 minutes or even an hour, how can we tell our professors that we have a schedule that should be respected?

  3. What are the signs your faculty advisor is unsatisfied with your progress/work? What are the signs they are satisfied?

    Also, when your advisor sends an email out asking for volunteers (e.g. to meet with a visitor), I am assuming I am pretty much obligated to do so, unless I have previous firm commitment. Is this correct?

  4. At the graduate level, are professors expecting us to collaborate with classmates to do assignments and rely on one another for help (exhaust all peer resources) before coming to them for help/clarification/questions on an assignment?

  5. Hi Renetta,

    I really like the seminar. The panelists did response to all my questions. Thank you!

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