PROMISE: Maryland's AGEP


PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP and its programs are mentioned in the following articles:

Click here and on the subsequent page and download: For underrepresented minorities, bridge programs ease transition to PhD studies

Author: Jermey N. A. Matthews

Periodical: Physics Today (Online for Subscribers:

Date: March 2011

Click here and on the subsequent page and download: A New Hope: Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Faculty of Color

Authors: Luis Ponjuan, Marybeth Gasman, Elliot Hirshman, and Lorenzo L. Esters

Periodical: Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities Issue Brief – Council on Access, Diversity and Excellence (

Date:  2011

Links coming soon …

Chubin, D.E., DePass, A. L., & Blockus, L. (Eds.). (2010). Understanding Interventions that Broaden Participation in Research Careers: Volume III. Embracing a Breadth of Purpose. Washington, D.C.:

Sowell, R. S., Bell, N. E., & Kirby, S. N. (2010). Ph.D. Completion and Attrition: Policies and Practices to Promote Student Success, Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.

Glenn, D. (2010, March 31). Help to the Finish Line: Ways to Reduce the Numbers of Ph.D. Dropouts, The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from


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