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About PROF-it

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PROF-it: Professors in Training, is a program for graduate students that provides opportunities for training and hands-on teaching. Our partners include: UMBC’s Office of Undergraduate Education and the “Induction to an Honors University” program, Howard University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Community Colleges of Baltimore County (CCBC), Baltimore City Community College (BCCC), and Prince Georges Community College (PGCC).

The PROF-it seminars are designed to prepare students for teaching opportunities. Students who participate in PROF-it training have the opportunity to be nominated for several of our hands-on teaching programs, including the UMBC-CCBC Teaching Fellows program. This fellowship provides students with an opportunity to teach a class at one of campuses of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) during Spring semester. Fellows also have the benefit of a CCBC faculty mentor and are awarded a $2000 stipend. Students are invited to enroll in the PROF-it (Professors-in-training) Blackboard Community for in-depth information and continuing updates on PROF-it.
Click the Community tab, type “PROF-it” in the organization search window, when the search results appear, page down and click “enroll” in the far right column.
ARCHIVAL UMBC-CCBC Teaching Fellows Details:

RESOURCE:  Information on teaching for the Introduction to an Honors University program at UMBC:

PROF-it also includes Women’s LiNC, a set of networking community discussions and small group exercises to prepare women for public speaking and presentations. Women’s LiNC is led by Dr. Judith Kadarusman Pollack. 

PROF-it Fellows 2010:

PROF-it Fellow 2011: Gloria Anglon, Sociology


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