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The 2010 PROMISE Summer Success Institute had a live twitter feed for the first part of the program on August 21, 2010.

Leshell Hatley was the guest tweeter.  This archive spans August 18, 2010 – August 22, 2010.

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    1. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      @Renetta_Tull Dr. Tull #PROMISE2010 was great. The live tweeting is great. It was alive and the fast feedback was cool. It was a new energy. about 3 hours ago via Twitterrific in reply to Renetta_Tull

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    4. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 you can have it all but you can’t have it all at one time. #timemanagement #balance 1,282,418,139,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    7. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Elevator Pitch time. Let’s Go. #PROMISE2010 1,282,417,118,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    10. Frances Carter fdecarter

      The first step to a good presentation is your own confidence. ~ @#promise2010 1,282,416,655,000.00 via mobile web

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    13. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      RT @unique317 #PROMISE2010 The more you deliver, the more you’re going to get. Negotiate from a position of power. I like that. 1,282,416,607,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    16. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Diction Diction Diction People! Change it according to who your audience is. Aim for clear speech. Finish words. #PROMISE2010 1,282,416,317,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    19. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 The more you deliver, the more you’re going to get. Negotiate from a position of power. 1,282,416,141,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    22. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 be grateful but not too grateful – you earned this job! 1,282,415,903,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    25. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 Figure out what the department and school wants & use it to get what you want. #teaching #research #academic 1,282,415,775,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    28. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 circle of mentors: 3. Outside university but in discipline (act as advocate) & 4. a person u can talk to (misery loves company) 1,282,415,271,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    31. Derrick L. Cogburn derrickcogburn

      Looks like the rest of the day at #PROMISE2010 went well. Thanks for the live tweeting. Great tips! 1,282,415,166,000.00 via Echofon

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    34. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      #PROMISE2010 Circle of Mentors – need at least 3. Mentors located in 1. Ur home department, 2. w/in university outside of ur department… 1,282,415,150,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

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    37. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Include ppl in the presentation but give attention to the decision maker.#PROMISE2010 1,282,414,636,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    40. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      All of today’s slide decks can be obtained from Dr. @renetta_tull #PROMISE2010 Thanks for the opportunity to provide live tweets! I had fun! 1,282,409,035,000.00 via HootSuite

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    43. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Public speaking and presentation giving is a skill everyone can learn.” @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,408,920,000.00 via HootSuite

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    46. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Final tips cont’d: 4) seek agreement from your audience, 5) show enthusiasm (for knockout presentations @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,408,879,000.00 via HootSuite

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    49. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #10: Avoid public speaking. Instead, get some training, read a book, start small – be on a panel, etc. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,408,647,000.00 via HootSuite

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    52. speakingpro speakingpro

      Knockout Presentations is now being sold at UMBC bookstore.#PROMISE2010 1,282,407,075,000.00 via mobile web

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    55. Vonetta J. Hunter punch_vj

      RT @ClaytonMuhammad: RT @BlackScholars: “There are no boring topics only boring speakers.” @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 << OHHHH YES! #agreed 1,282,404,794,000.00 via ÜberTwitter

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    58. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      Wow! What an amazing presentation. #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,672,000.00 via TwitBird

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    61. Kelly Green brandcoachkelly

      RT @Leshell: It takes 7 seconds or less to make a first impression – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,335,000.00 via UberTwitter

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    64. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      The power is in the pause! @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,329,000.00 via HootSuite

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    67. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      We are immuned to violence because news reports don’t allow us to pause and absorb leading to an emotional impact. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,314,000.00 via HootSuite

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    70. Clayton Muhammad ClaytonMuhammad

      RT @BlackScholars: “There are no boring topics only boring speakers.” @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 << OHHHH YES! #agreed 1,282,404,184,000.00 via HootSuite

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    73. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #9: Lack of pausing. The power is in the pause. Use the beat technique – 3 beats at end of sentence. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,177,000.00 via HootSuite

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    76. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Enthusiasm is what sells. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,137,000.00 via HootSuite

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    79. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “There are no boring topics only boring speakers.” @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,094,000.00 via HootSuite

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    82. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      TIPS: Get louder, use more gestures, highlight keywords in notes and throw your voice out on these keywords, get excited #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,059,000.00 via HootSuite

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    85. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #8: Speaking in monotone (usually because they are reading, nervous, or w/o passion) @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,404,004,000.00 via HootSuite

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    88. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #7: Too much material (a data dump) – instead use ‘rule of 3’ – 3 items, 3 lessons, etc. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,938,000.00 via HootSuite

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    91. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Hook with something that will grab your listener @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,864,000.00 via HootSuite

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    94. Clayton Muhammad ClaytonMuhammad

      RT @BlackScholars: TIPS: Know your audience and dress one notch higher…@speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,803,000.00 via HootSuite

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    97. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #6 Don’t be speaker-centered (I, I, I, I…) remember people are thinking “what’s in it for me” #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,769,000.00 via HootSuite

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    100. Clayton Muhammad ClaytonMuhammad

      RT @BlackScholars: People who have good presentation skills get hired, promoted, and have more leadership opportunities. #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,767,000.00 via HootSuite

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    103. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      People will judge you by your attire, women should keep hair away from face. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,700,000.00 via HootSuite

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    106. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      TIPS cont’d: Get to presentation spot an hour before. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,662,000.00 via HootSuite

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    109. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      TIPS: Know your audience and dress one notch higher, shine shoes, go to restroom ahead of time (check yourself). @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,567,000.00 via HootSuite

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    112. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      So, you should dress for success. But what does that mean in your world? Professional is too vague these days. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,508,000.00 via HootSuite

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    115. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #5: Projecting the wrong image… @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,417,000.00 via HootSuite

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    118. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      People who have good presentation skills get hired, promoted, and have more leadership opportunities. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,370,000.00 via HootSuite

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    121. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      The best visual aid you can ever use is YOU. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,333,000.00 via HootSuite

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    124. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Most important – you are the visual, the slideshow is just the aid. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,403,304,000.00 via HootSuite

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    127. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Look at presentation, turn to audience, and deliver the msg – your last word should land on a person’s eyes #PROMISE2010 @speakingpro 1,282,403,260,000.00 via HootSuite

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    130. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Also, don’t have too many slides or read your slides. @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 Use touch, turn, talk to avoid doing this…. 1,282,403,225,000.00 via HootSuite

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    133. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #4 – using visual aids incorrectly or inappropriately, the key here is murphy’s law – have a backup #PROMISE2010 @speakingpro 1,282,403,175,000.00 via HootSuite

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    136. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Find out background of, motivation, and how your audience likes to receive information #PROMISE2010 @speakingpro 1,282,403,050,000.00 via HootSuite

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    139. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Instead, do a listener profile (especially with diverse audiences) – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,989,000.00 via HootSuite

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    142. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #3: Not knowing your audience (phd committee, potential employer, etc.) Don’t give the same presentation to all #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,952,000.00 via HootSuite

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    145. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Ego will also make people speak too long. #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,903,000.00 via HootSuite

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    148. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mistake #2) Speaking too long, instead time and rehearse your presentation – usually 10% longer than rehearsal #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,877,000.00 via HootSuite

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    151. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      10 Mistakes when making presentation: 1) lack of focus – instead think at the end of my presentation the audience will <blank> #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,838,000.00 via HootSuite

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    154. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      RT @BlackScholars “People will discount what they hear in order to believe what they see” – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,790,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    157. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      RT @BlackScholars First thing to establish: Trust and rapport! – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,778,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    160. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      SO….make sure you are in-sync with your audience! @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,745,000.00 via HootSuite

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    163. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      If a ever a mismatch in rapport (in person or on the phone) it’s probably in bod language, vocal tone, speaking rate, language #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,722,000.00 via HootSuite

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    166. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Awesome mirroring demonstration. Students are great for volunteering! #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,663,000.00 via HootSuite

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    169. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      It’s not just about body language, it’s also vocal tone. – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,599,000.00 via HootSuite

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    172. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      @La_a2010 I found you! Still trying to figure out how to tweet and listen at the same time. #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,587,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    175. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Try to stay in-sync (gradually) and determine what to mirror. #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,543,000.00 via HootSuite

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    178. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Don’t do “monkey see monkey do” – instead do it more gradually #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,487,000.00 via HootSuite

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    181. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      How do you do that? Mirror who you are speaking to/with to create rapport (demonstrating with volunteer). #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,424,000.00 via HootSuite

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    184. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      First thing to establish: Trust and rapport! – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,315,000.00 via HootSuite

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    187. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      People will discount what u say, in order to believe what u do…#PROMISE2010 1,282,402,293,000.00 via TwitBird

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    190. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      It takes 7 seconds or less to make a first impression – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,285,000.00 via HootSuite

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    193. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “People will discount what they hear in order to believe what they see” – @speakingpro #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,261,000.00 via HootSuite

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    196. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      After demonstration – most people copied @speakingpro instead of listening to verbal instruction #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,231,000.00 via HootSuite

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    199. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Of communication/message – 38% is vocal, 7% is verbal, and 55% is visual. If one out sync, body language is defautl – #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,170,000.00 via HootSuite

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    202. Marques Stewart marqu3sst3wart

      RT @BlackScholars: FORMULA = Know yourself, know your audience, know your message #PROMISE2010 1,282,402,097,000.00 via ÜberTwitter

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    205. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Communication happens on 3 levels = Visually, vocally, verbally; Visually is most apparent (the body doesn’t lie) #PROMISE2010 @speakingpro 1,282,402,034,000.00 via HootSuite

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    208. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      FORMULA = Know yourself, know your audience, know your message #PROMISE2010 1,282,401,969,000.00 via HootSuite

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    211. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      How is public speaking like a yam? #PROMISE2010 1,282,401,928,000.00 via HootSuite

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    214. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      When presenting, the important factors are how your present Yourself, Message, Value #PROMISE2010 1,282,401,908,000.00 via HootSuite

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    217. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      correction: “How to give a knockout presentations” – #PROMISE2010 by Diane DiResta @speakingpro 1,282,401,871,000.00 via HootSuite

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    220. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      So, what is #PROMISE2010? – 1,282,401,794,000.00 via HootSuite

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    223. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Next Session: How to make ‘Knockout Presentations’ #PROMISE2010 1,282,401,744,000.00 via HootSuite

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    226. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Students are taking advantage of opportunities to speak with panelists. Awesome! #PROMISE2010 1,282,401,304,000.00 via HootSuite

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    229. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Speakers will also be available after panel as we setup for the next panel #PROMISE2010 THANKS @renetta_tull #breaktime 1,282,400,930,000.00 via HootSuite

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    232. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 24) make sure you are also aware of what’s happening in DC/political world as well as stay grounded #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,882,000.00 via HootSuite

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    235. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 22) net-neutrality (cost structure of access to the web) – keep an eye on it, 23) keep your fire/passion #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,839,000.00 via HootSuite

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    238. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      A new term I’m adding to my list. “Scholar Activism”. #Nupes #KappaAlphaPsi #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,822,000.00 via TwitBird

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    241. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 21) re: infrastructure – we need something to connect to the web much faster (for knowledge, healthcare, economics) #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,777,000.00 via HootSuite

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    244. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 20) since we are so close to DC, we should take advantage of networking and engaging with people on the hill #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,704,000.00 via HootSuite

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    247. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR Cont’d: 19) Moving to nonacademic careers – look to ‘the hill’ for fellowships #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,656,000.00 via HootSuite

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    250. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: Book = Getting Things Done – a definite read for knowledge workers – have a trusted system – #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,602,000.00 via HootSuite

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    253. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont;d: 18) for us, there is no distinction between being a scholar and an activist. W.E.B Dubios is perfect example #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,569,000.00 via HootSuite

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    256. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      Scholar Activism is important to the advancement of the people….#wow. #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,559,000.00 via TwitBird

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    259. Frances Carter fdecarter

      Can Dr. Cogburn on someone do a talk on the how to positively approach obtaining tenure. @#promise2010 1,282,400,538,000.00 via mobile web

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    262. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 16) learn how to observe and learn from the observation, 17) therefore definitely room for social scientist #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,514,000.00 via HootSuite

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    265. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      RT @BlackScholars “You should always have a question!” @renetta_tull #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,478,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    268. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 14) once you have tenure, you have more flexibility, 15) understanding the culture is also related to traveling #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,455,000.00 via HootSuite

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    271. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      RT @PROMISE_AGEP RT @Marvin_Carr: R u a change agent? #PROMISE2010 I like that… I am! 1,282,400,419,000.00 via Twitterrific

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    274. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 13) start thinking about phd early – even though academia and tenure can be challenging #PROMISE2010 (understand that culture) 1,282,400,404,000.00 via HootSuite

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    277. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      R u a change agent? #PROMISE2010 I like that… 1,282,400,359,000.00 via TwitBird

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    280. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 9) engage with people, 10) be able to articulate what you want to do, 11) diffusion of innovation, 12) change agents #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,346,000.00 via HootSuite

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    283. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      CR cont’d: 6) talk to everyone/anyone who will listen, 7) get mentors, 8) “what question did you ask today?” #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,249,000.00 via HootSuite

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    286. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      #PROMISE2010 2 minutes… 1,282,400,221,000.00 via TwitBird

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    289. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Concluding remarks (CR): 1) know your opportunities, 2) network, 3) ask lots of questions, 4) be prepared, 5) have questions #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,159,000.00 via HootSuite

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    292. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      Dr. Tull is a great moderator. #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,084,000.00 via TwitBird

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    295. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      Clearly, a room full of PhDs and PhD candidates, I don’t think were gonna get through these questions #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,032,000.00 via TwitBird

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    298. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: How can you really make an impact working with government, public sector, etc. as a researcher? #PROMISE2010 1,282,400,018,000.00 via HootSuite

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    301. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: How to make the transition from school to work and then maybe back to school? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,985,000.00 via HootSuite

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    304. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: Advice on time management (time is different to different cultures)? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,940,000.00 via HootSuite

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    307. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: How can a researcher bring their work to the global market? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,906,000.00 via HootSuite

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    310. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: What can people in humanities and social sciences fit in regarding increasing participation in STEM by minorities? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,882,000.00 via HootSuite

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    313. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: Virtual environments, clean nrg motivation – so how can we bring it to more use? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,843,000.00 via HootSuite

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    316. Samuel Haile shaile1906

      I’m also curious to know what it takes to get a research position/postdoc at the NIH! #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,815,000.00 via Echofon

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    319. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: Traveling is amazing, but how if you have to find agency, mentor on your own. How can you do that? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,780,000.00 via HootSuite

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    322. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: Talk about how to get into the NIH? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,713,000.00 via HootSuite

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    325. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      ‘Progressive Maryland’ working to get green jobs in MD – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,659,000.00 via HootSuite

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    328. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      A cont’d – Clean NRG is wide open and innovation come from necessity, people of color can certainly participate. – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,625,000.00 via HootSuite

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    331. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      A: Recovery Act, Equal protection stipulations (for minorities, women, etc) attached to the money – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,564,000.00 via HootSuite

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    334. Frances Carter fdecarter

      Great question Angel about not recreating disparities. @#promise2010 1,282,399,539,000.00 via mobile web

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    337. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Q: How can we stop reproducing the racial disparities in STEM, green jobs, etc? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,524,000.00 via HootSuite

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    340. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “You should always have a question!” @renetta_tull #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,466,000.00 via HootSuite

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    343. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Followup Q: Are there mechanisms for feedback? #PROMISE2010 …Yes. 1,282,399,418,000.00 via HootSuite

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    346. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Publications, better bills, used by staffers on the hill for new legislation” #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,381,000.00 via HootSuite

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    349. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      1st Q – How will information (researched, collected) used in policy research used later? #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,346,000.00 via HootSuite

    350. Reply
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    352. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      Companies should no longer be allowed to pollute the environment for free. Jorge Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,324,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

    353. Reply
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    355. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Now taking questions from the audience #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,291,000.00 via HootSuite

    356. Reply
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    358. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “We basically have to make sure major companies don’t pollute for free” – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,245,000.00 via HootSuite

    359. Reply
    360. Retweet

    361. Frances Carter fdecarter

      THX Jorge for the list of green jobs & policy vehicles to bring green back to how it effects the lives of people of color! @#promise2010 1,282,399,231,000.00 via mobile web

    362. Reply
    363. Retweeted (Undo)

    364. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      I’m participating in a move tweeting session with #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,215,000.00 via TwitBird

    365. Reply
    366. Retweet

    367. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Mr. Madrid is explaining what policy vehicles should be used – finance, certainty, training. #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,202,000.00 via HootSuite

    368. Reply
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    369. Retweet

    370. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      “The way that social change happens is through public policy”~Jorge #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,169,000.00 via TwitBird

    371. Reply
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    372. Retweeted (Undo)

    373. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Clean energy economy is big and growing (solar panels; cooler, faster, better cars ) – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,063,000.00 via HootSuite

    374. Reply
    375. Retweet

    376. brandii BrandiiRequel

      morning! mwaaah RT @drwestmoreland: #PROMISE2010 Okay I think I got this live tweeters thing now. Morning tweety pies. It’s early. I know. 1,282,399,059,000.00 via TweetsRide

    377. Reply
    378. Retweet

    379. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Clean energy provides an open playing field – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,399,011,000.00 via HootSuite

    380. Reply
    381. Retweet

    382. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Ppl of color have 3x more likely to get asthma than whites. #SeriousProblem. #PROMISE2010. And also more likely to die from it. My Jesus. 1,282,398,998,000.00 via Twitterrific

    383. Reply
    384. Retweet

    385. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Clean Energy is extremely important and is the solution!” – Mr. Madrid – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,960,000.00 via HootSuite

    386. Reply
    387. Retweet

    388. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Crisis #2: Environmental, pollution/toxins, no access to fresh foods – Mr. Madrid – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,914,000.00 via HootSuite

    389. Reply
    390. Retweet

    391. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      47.5% of Blacks are homeowners. #PROMISE2010. Didn’t know that. Sad. 1,282,398,876,000.00 via Twitterrific

    392. Reply
    393. Retweet

    394. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Crisis #1 – Basic stats: we’re doing really well in all the wrong things – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,861,000.00 via HootSuite

    395. Reply
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    396. Retweeted (Undo)

    397. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Now works at a think tank with academic folks who research and really thinks about things – Mr. Madrid #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,815,000.00 via HootSuite

    398. Reply
    399. Retweet

    400. Samuel Haile shaile1906

      It is great how up to date Promise is with Live Tweeting. #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,775,000.00 via Echofon from Arbutus, MD  

    401. Reply
    402. Retweeted (Undo)

    403. Derrick L. Cogburn derrickcogburn

      Great fellow panelists at opening of #PROMISE2010. Looking forward to the discussion afterwards. 1,282,398,759,000.00 via Echofon

    404. Reply
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    405. Retweeted (Undo)

    406. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Madrid has completed a public policy fellowship in the US Senate to achieve his goals (inspired by Pres. Obama) #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,748,000.00 via HootSuite

    407. Reply
    408. Retweet

    409. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Madrid has become heavily influenced by growing up in Compton. Learned economic & political capital are very important #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,626,000.00 via HootSuite

    410. Reply
    411. Retweet

    412. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Compton in the house!!!! #PROMISE2010. I like this dude. He’s real real. 1,282,398,613,000.00 via Twitterrific

    413. Reply
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    414. Retweeted (Undo)

    415. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Madrid is also a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,574,000.00 via HootSuite

    416. Reply
    417. Retweet

    418. Frances Carter fdecarter

      Loved the advice invest funds to go global locally . @#promise2010 1,282,398,549,000.00 via mobile web

    419. Reply
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    421. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Next Up Dr. Jorge Madrid – #PROMISE2010 talking about the ‘green economy” – a nebulas term, but opportunities abound 1,282,398,535,000.00 via HootSuite

    422. Reply
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    424. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Alaca wants to keep her connections between science and policy – an alternative to academia – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,469,000.00 via HootSuite

    425. Reply
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    427. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      There should be more students here. This is kool. #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,446,000.00 via TwitBird

    428. Reply
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    430. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Find out what motivates you to keep going – Dr. Alaca – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,415,000.00 via HootSuite

    431. Reply
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    433. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      She was 1 of 22 Fellows of CHCI and that helped alot – Dr. Alaca – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,369,000.00 via HootSuite

    434. Reply
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    436. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      re: work/life balance, “very difficult – but important” – Dr. Alaca – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,325,000.00 via HootSuite

    437. Reply
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    439. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Alaca is a Fellow of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute – broadening participation in STEM – #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,275,000.00 via HootSuite

    440. Reply
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    441. Retweet

    442. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      Needs a tweet break. #PROMISE2010. Be back soon. 1,282,398,267,000.00 via Twitterrific

    443. Reply
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    445. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      As a grad student, played other roles = leader, mentor, etc. from own experience = ‘culture shock’ (in Minn.) #PROMISE2010 1,282,398,187,000.00 via HootSuite

    446. Reply
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    448. Derrick L. Cogburn derrickcogburn

      Thanks!!! RT @BlackScholars: RT @drwestmoreland: #PROMISE2010 @derrickcogburn Did a great job! Lots o information. But we got the point. 1,282,398,177,000.00 via Echofon

    449. Reply
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    451. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Her (dissertation) research centered around Neurodegeneration in the retina – #PROMISE2010 – Dr. Alaca… 1,282,398,101,000.00 via HootSuite

    452. Reply
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    454. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      #PROMISE2010 @derrickcogburn Did a great job! Lots o information. But we got the point. 1,282,398,026,000.00 via Twitterrific

    455. Reply
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    457. Frances Carter fdecarter

      @#promise2010 1,282,398,003,000.00 via mobile web

    458. Reply
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    460. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Next Up Dr. Alaca, PhD – Introducing herself now. #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,984,000.00 via HootSuite

    461. Reply
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    463. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      All slides available from Dr. @Renetta_Tull #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,930,000.00 via HootSuite

    464. Reply
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    466. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Last principle = HAVE FUN! “loves extreme sports” – @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,904,000.00 via HootSuite

    467. Reply
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    469. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      #PROMISE2010 live video of @derrickcogburn 1,282,397,880,000.00 via TwitBird

    470. Reply
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    471. Retweet

    472. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,873,000.00 via TwitBird

    473. Reply
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    475. Ms. Icy Qt_Student_RN

      RT @Marvin_Carr: “Only 17% of African-Americans have college degrees” – Dr. Arteaga #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,870,000.00 via Seesmic for Android

    476. Reply
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    477. Retweet

    478. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Family & Faith” – very important – @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,861,000.00 via HootSuite

    479. Reply
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    481. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Go Global, Globally – @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 …actually go somewhere, yup – travel! 1,282,397,796,000.00 via HootSuite

    482. Reply
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    484. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Helped found the Global Information Infrastructure Commission @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,757,000.00 via HootSuite

    485. Reply
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    487. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Political Awareness and Activism – a must! @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 – “A Taste of Power” Lived in Africa for 5 years 1,282,397,723,000.00 via HootSuite

    488. Reply
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    490. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Education and an entrepreneurial approaches – both are extremely critical” @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,641,000.00 via HootSuite

    491. Reply
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    492. Retweet

    493. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Being able to relax is absolutely critical” – @derrickcogburn #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,597,000.00 via HootSuite

    494. Reply
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    496. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Virtual infrastructure is needed” (i.e. using twitter) – @derrickcogburn#PROMISE2010 1,282,397,514,000.00 via HootSuite

    497. Reply
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    499. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      @derrickcogburn – Principle #2 – “Be able to work in virtual teams – ‘going global locally’ – #PROMISE2010 (Collaboratory – w/o walls) #NSF 1,282,397,451,000.00 via HootSuite

    500. Reply
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    502. Gilbert Johnson GildedGoldGil

      RT @Marvin_Carr: “Only 17% of African-Americans have college degrees” – Dr. Arteaga #PROMISE2010 SMH #PROBLEM 1,282,397,408,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

    503. Reply
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    505. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      #PROMISE2010 We got Fancy PowerPoint presentations. Ooh La La. 1,282,397,396,000.00 via Twitterrific

    506. Reply
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    508. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      @derrickcogburn – 10 Principles OF global information society – #1 Understanding changing global context #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,337,000.00 via HootSuite

    509. Reply
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    511. Nikki Westmoreland drwestmoreland

      #PROMISE2010 Okay I think I got this live tweeters thing now. Morning tweety pies. It’s early. I know. 1,282,397,337,000.00 via Twitterrific

    512. Reply
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    514. speakingpro speakingpro

      US-27 percent college grads, 17 per cent African American, 12 per cent Mexican American #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,325,000.00 via mobile web

    515. Reply
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    516. Retweeted (Undo)

    517. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      “Only 17% of African-Americans have college degrees” – Dr. Arteaga #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,266,000.00 via TwitBird

    518. Reply
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    520. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Interested in internships or questions about NIH in general, feel free to contact Dr. Arteaga – #PROMISE2010 – even funding for school… 1,282,397,169,000.00 via HootSuite

    521. Reply
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    522. Retweet

    523. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Only 17% of African-Americans have college degress/12% of Mexican Americans” – Dr. Arteaga 3% of Americans have PhDs. #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,113,000.00 via HootSuite

    524. Reply
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    525. Retweet

    526. Gilbert Johnson GildedGoldGil

      RT @Marvin_Carr: “What we can give you that no one can take away is an education” #PROMISE2010 >> preaching to the mass tell em Desi u good 1,282,397,051,000.00 via Twitter for iPhone

    527. Reply
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    529. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      “Remember to always have balance and time for yourself” (before and after you graduate) – Dr. Arteaga #PROMISE2010 1,282,397,034,000.00 via HootSuite

    530. Reply
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    532. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Arteaga is doing some amazing things at NHLBI, focusing on Latinas and CVD preventions #PROMISE2010 1,282,396,943,000.00 via HootSuite

    533. Reply
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    534. Retweeted (Undo)

    535. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      Dr. Arteaga is a Program Director at NHLBI (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH) – #PROMISE2010 1,282,396,860,000.00 via HootSuite

    536. Reply
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    538. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      1st speaker – Dr. Sonia Arteaga – introducing herself and encouraging students to participate in #PROMISE2010 events and to present 1,282,396,667,000.00 via HootSuite

    539. Reply
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    541. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      “What we can give you that no one can take away is an education” #PROMISE2010 9:16 AM Aug 21st via TwitBird

    542. Reply
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        1 Retweet
    544. Jocelyn Reader unique317

      I’m going to be tweeting quite a bit today for #PROMISE2010 – just to warn you 9:15 AM Aug 21st via Twitter for iPhone

    545. Reply
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    547. Marvin Carr Marvin_Carr

      I’m enjoying #PROMISE2010 9:14 AM Aug 21st via TwitBird

    548. Reply
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        1 Retweet

      PROMISE Summer Success Institute starts the Saturday session today! Welcome! #PROMISE2010 8:36 AM Aug 21st via web

    551. Delete
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    552. speakingpro speakingpro

      Looking forward to speaking at UMBC tomorrow. #PROMISE2010 7:16 PM Aug 20th via mobile web

    553. Reply
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    555. Uplift, Inc. reachhigher

      @Leshell is guest tweeter at tomorrow’s Summer Success Institute – Grad students in the DMV should come! #PROMISE2010 1:26 PM Aug 20th via HootSuite

    556. Reply
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    558. Black Scholars Index BlackScholars

      @Leshell is guest tweeter at tomorrow’s Summer Success Institute – Grad students in the DMV should come! #PROMISE2010 1:26 PM Aug 20th via HootSuite

    559. Reply
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    561. Serenella Linares SereLinares

      About to get ready for #PROMISE2010 and very excited about seeing some familiar faces. 6:57 AM Aug 20th via Twitter for iPhone

    562. Reply
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        1 Retweet
    564. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      @SereLinares You can start tweeting about upcoming events now, and continue through the live tweet for #PROMISE2010 on Sat. 9:32 AM Aug 19th via txt

    565. Reply
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    567. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      @serelinares @drwestmoreland Feel free to join the live tweet session at #PROMISE2010, Remember to use the #hashtag. 3:10 AM Aug 19th via web

    568. Reply
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    570. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      STEM Education/Green Economy/ and the Latino Community coming to #PROMISE2010, (FYI: @HispanicFund @CHCI @SHPE) 3:06 AM Aug 19th via web

    571. Reply
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    573. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      @sdroberson0817 Dr. Roberson, here is the information for the SSI. #PROMISE2010 10:20 PM Aug 18th via web

    574. Reply
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    576. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      @r2chair As a former R2 Vice Chair, I invite you to join our grad students at UMBC! #PROMISE2010 (FYI: @karilbrown) 10:05 PM Aug 18th via web

    577. Reply
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    579. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      Live Tweeting by @Leshell at #PROMISE2010 (FYI: @DigitalDynamo, @DigitalSista @WomenWhoTech) 9:36 PM Aug 18th via web

    580. Reply
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    582. speakingpro speakingpro

      @PROMISE_AGEP #PROMISE2010 I’m excited to be speaking at your conference! 7:49 PM Aug 18th via TweetDeck in reply to PROMISE_AGEP

    583. Reply
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        1 Retweet
    585. Renetta G. Tull Renetta_Tull

      UMBC Grad Programs poster reprise at Opening Mtg tomorrow 12 noon, UC Ballroom. Then full attention to planning for #PROMISE2010. 6:43 PM Aug 18th via Twitter for BlackBerry®


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