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About Success Seminars at UMBC

Professional Development seminars for graduate students at UMBC are sponsored by the UMBC Graduate School, PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Preparation and the Professoriate through The National Science Foundation, and the UMBC Graduate Student Association. All graduate students are invited and encouraged to attend. Graduate student activity fees cover expenses for some of these seminars, therefore the content is primarily based on grad students’ requests and recommendations. Please return to this site often to note updates and additions to the schedule.

There are six categories of seminars.
All students are invited to attend all seminars.

1. Success Seminars

Success Seminars are designed to serve students by providing information on funding, IRB preparation, writing, career choices, and leadership. Success Seminars have been a regular part of UMBC’s programs for graduate student development for many years.

2. PROF-it Professors in Training

The PROF-it seminars are designed to prepare students for teaching opportunities. Students who participate in PROF-it training have the opportunity to be nominated for the UMBC-CCBC Teaching Fellows program. This fellowship provides students with an opportunity to teach a class at one of campuses of the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) during Spring 2010. Fellows also have the benefit of a CCBC faculty mentor and are awarded a $2000 stipend. Students are invited to enroll in the PROF-it (Professors-in-training) Blackboard Community for in-depth information and continuing updates on PROF-it.
Click the Community tab, type “PROF-it” in the organization search window, when the search results appear, page down and click “enroll” in the far right column.
ADDITIONAL UMBC-CCBC Teaching Fellows Details:

3. Dissertation Completion
UMBC is dedicated to your success! Our special degree completion seminars feature Dr. Wendy Carter’s TADA (Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished – Finally Finished) workshops. Special workshops such as the famous “Dissertation House” weeks in January and July, the Proposal Project, and other seminars will be presented throughout the year. UMBC is a recipient of the Ph.D. Completion Project award by the national Council of Graduate Schools. Students are also supported by dissertation support services that are provided by the UMBC Counseling Center.

4. PROMISE – Professional Development & Community Building
PROMISE is Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP). PROMISE is an alliance between UMBC, UMB, and UM College Park, and is one of 20+ alliances throughout the mainland U.S. and Puerto Rico. PROMISE is dedicated to increasing the numbers and diversity of Ph.D.s in STEM fields. The alliance between UMBC, UMB, and UMCP encourages interaction between the university communities.
Broadly, students can participate in PROMISE regardless of their status (full-time, part-time), ethnicity, discipline, or source of funding. Narrowly, students who are underrepresented will be strongly supported as they utilize the services and resources of PROMISE; these students can be encouraged to consider PROMISE to be one of their major mechanisms of support. Services and resources are available to underrepresented students, and to students of all ethnicities who work to achieve the goals of PROMISE at UMBC, UMB, and UMCP.


5. Graduate School or GSA Events

The events sponsored by the Graduate School serve students as they progress through their degree programs. Take careful note of the important information sessions on preparing for candidacy and preparing for graduation. All students must adhere to rules and regulations, and fill out necessary forms to progress. Late or incomplete paperwork will not be accepted. Please take advantage of the information in these sessions.

6. Special seminars on various topics
We often have special speakers and consultants who will present on special fellowships, research opportunities, entrepreneurship, and other topics.

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