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UMCP PhD Completion Project

2011 – 2012  Workshops at College Park

Spring 2011

Date: Friday Afternoons, 3:00 – 5:00pm
Event: Ph.D. Completion Project Workshops
Location: Ulrich Recital Hall, Tawes Hall
Notes: Advance online registration required for each workshop at

February 18: Academic Writing for Graduate Students
March 4: Thesis and Dissertation Proposals
March 18: Effective Literature Reviews
April 15: Dissertation Results/Discussion Section
April 29: Article and Book Publication

FALL 2010 (Reference:

09.17.10 Writing Grants and Fellowship Applications with Dr. Robert Porter This session will focus on NSF and NIH grants that support doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows as they transition through critical career stages, from early graduate study to the doctoral dissertation, the initial postdoctoral fellowship, and on to becoming an independent investigator.

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10.08.10 Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Ethics with Dr. Thomas W. Castonguay and Dr. Arthur Popper In the competitive academic environment, it is important for student researchers to be aware of the increasing compliance requirements associated with the responsible conduct of research. This workshop will provide young scholars with an overview of compliance related issues that are common not just on the College Park campus, but within the larger research community. Policies related to the responsible conduct of research, conflicts of interest, and the use of humans and animals in research will be covered.

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10.22.10 Conference Presentations with Dr. Carl Lejuez, Dr. Heather Nathans and Dr. Ann Smith Presenting at professional conferences is an ideal way for graduate students to develop professionally and to demonstrate their research and publication skills. Conference participation provides young scholars with a chance to make useful connections, to communicate research findings to the larger community of professionals, and to impress potential employers. This workshop will provide helpful insights toward preparing for and giving a conference presentation. Topics include such considerations as the purpose of the presentation, the audience, the rhetorical goals, the conference paper outline and conducting academic interview talks.

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11.05.10 Teaching Portfolios with Dr. Spencer A. Benson Developing a teaching portfolio is an important process in preparing to create an appropriate professional credentials file. It provides a way to link your teaching philosophy to evidence of effectiveness and to identify ways to improve your teaching. A good teaching portfolio can be the item that gets you the job interview and a faculty position. Documents in your teaching portfolio will strengthen your case for tenure and promotion once you take a faculty position. The time to begin to create your portfolio is NOW!

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11.19.10 Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letters with Dr. Rebecca A. Weir and Ms. Veronica PerriganAn essential component of an effective job search for positions in education, government, industry and the private sector as well as for applications for fellowships and grants is a carefully crafted, in-depth curriculum vitae (CV). This workshop provides the following: a discussion of the parts of a CV, how to write it, what to include in it, how to use it and how it differs from a resume. Writing tips for preparing a CV will be given, and sample CVs and cover letters will be disseminated.

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12.03.10 Effective Job Interviews with Dr. Robert Belle A successful interview can be a key to landing an academic position or other employment. A successful interview requires proper preparation. This workshop will focus on techniques for preparing and presenting oneself at an interview. Special issues covered will include the talk, interview etiquette, questions to ask interviewers, and other topics.

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01.29.10 Dissertation Goals with Rachna Jain, Psyc.D. Using a three step model of focus, planning, and progress, you will learn how to set goals, measure your progress, get back on track when things do not go as planned. You will also learn how to know, with certainty, what it will take to finish your dissertation.

02.12.10 Dissertation Proposal with Christine Feak This workshop will cover the essential parts of a well-constructed proposal as well as address some issues of language and organization for the different sections.

02.06.10 Writer’s Block with Rachna Jain, Psyc.D. This workshop will discuss reasons why people procrastinate, the types of procrastination, strategies for overcoming each type, and braking out of the cycle of perfectionism. It will also discuss reasons for writer’s block, and solutions for breaking through writer’s block.

03.26.10 Effective Literature Reviews with Christine Feak In this interactive workshop, the presenter will demonstrate a number of strategies that model a viable approach to the complex literature review task including critical text analysis, citation analysis, and rhetorical choice analysis.

04.09.10 Results/ Discussion Sections of the Dissertation with Christine Feak This workshop will review goals of both the results and discussion sections of the dissertation.  Useful transition statements, location statements, linking as-clauses and terminology for results will be provided.  Ways to present significant data in a table or chart; statements of results – positive and negative; interesting or surprising findings; and transition statements will also be reviewed.

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